Cotton Sandwiches

IMG_2061Mom was still living in Brooklyn pre-Depression, most likely in Kindergarten. She & her siblings use to walk down to the naval ship yard and collect metal slugs from the construction site. Coins to a very poor child’s imagination. They would use them as money for board games they made.

Mom decided she was going to cheat, so she put a handful of the jagged coins in her mouth. Her brother Frank, always up to some sort of shenanigans, as usual, made her laugh. And, when she did, she accidentally swallowed all the slugs! Her brothers & sisters ran to tell their parents, and at first my Grandma & Grandpa couldn’t believe this happen. Then, once they realize the danger was real, they rushed their little Nancy off to emergency.

The doctors didn’t know quite what to do, so, they told her parents, Anna & Joe, to feed her cotton sandwiches. The theory was the cotton would wrap itself around the razor sharp edges of the coins as not to shred her intestines. Well the strategy worked, and other than follow up trips to the doctor’s office, Mom survived. The first of many chapters in her life where her ideal of how things she thought ought to be would be perforated. Then again, maybe that experience taught and shaped her moral core. Mom was a good, honest, kind women who always made lemonade out of lemons.