Mirror of Life (written in 2001)

Mirror of Life

Concern grows deep mixed in with grief
My Dad is gone and now an even stronger belief
for time to pass without a word, life is too short for loved ones to miss being heard.

Our death is a mirror of our life lived.
To practice honesty and risk, healthy boundaries and forgiveness
the blessings at death are clean closure and deep bliss.

I want that for you, don’t let another minute pass
Reach out to one another and learn from the past.
Relationships are conflict, this indeed will always be true.
Welcome the challenge, gently with respect and requests
Now watch your spiritual evoluation soar, atonement and much more.
To live in the truth is to feel so alive.
Too many people walk this earth who inside have died.

My Dad gave me gifts that are worth more than gold.
The memories we built were those moments of shared souls.
I reflect on a life that was not perfect but so kind.
What will your memories be…What will you leave behind?

The seconds are brief, we only have the moment at hand.
There is nothing like free will, it is a priceless gift from above.
Can you imagine the possibilities when we choose to behave with Love.


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