How I Met the Man with Boy Scout Eyes

After all the immature drama, and having my credit ruined twice by two former husbands, I was very reluctant to enter into another relationship. Although, I believe in Love, and I did hope there was someone “out there” meant for me, my equal. I was invited by my neighbor to attend his girlfriend’s birthday party. I hadn’t planned on going, mostly because of his roommate. Yet another poor choice on my part, in a fellow I dated briefly that ended badly with my daughter overhearing a derogatory remark he made about her, adding to her already low self-esteem stemming from abandonment issues….The worst of offensives.

With plans on meeting up with friends at The Majestic Ventura Theater, I started getting ready to hit the town, so to speak. Applying mascara, talking to the image in the mirror, and when telling the story, I always say “when they make the movie” I recall saying to myself “if you think you’re going to find a quality man in Ventura, you’re nuts”. Then, out of no where, I had a change of thought, and said “fuck-it! I’m going to that party, in spite of Dick, being there. Off I went, two houses up. As soon as I arrived this very nice looking young man came up to me to introduce himself. I thought rather bold, kinda goofy, especially with his comical about-face as he left after the introduction. I didn’t stay too long, maybe an hour at best, then found the host in the kitchen to show my appreciation for the invite and say good-by. Standing there next to Emil, from my left, across the kitchen table, my newly introduced stranger blurted out “Don’t Go – Go out with me!” Definitely grabbing my attention, I said “I don’t even know you”. His retort “Go out with me and get to know me”. I turned to Emil and said “who is this guy?” My attention back at this bold stranger, I realized he wasn’t going to relent. By this time he, we, had gotten the attention of the entire room, so I thought it best I get closer I quietly let him down easy, directly, without the attention of the entire party. My plan was to say “okay, cool your jets”. But once I looked into those blue boy scout eyes I changed my mind. Instead I responded with “sit down – I’m going to get a glass of tequila and interview you. (Glass mind you. Not shot) We sat for hours chatting on the couch. I nearly interrogated him with questions of every topic; Do you own a gun? How do you feel about women? Do you like to travel? Do you like children? Do you do drugs, etc., etc. Everything I could think of except his bank book balance. In retrospect, by the questions presented, he was indeed, interviewing me. In the wee-hours of the morning he walked me to my door and asked for my phone number. Still reluctant, I said “you can get it from Emil”. He slouched in defeat, pleading “Com’on!” So I gave him my number. Soon we were inseparable. I resisted falling too soon, even though he had already proclaimed to me he had fallen. By April my heart was his, and four months after our first encounter he was inviting me along, with his family, to a Mexican resort vacation. We would be heading toward LAX and on to Cabo San Lucus on Gary’s birthday. I had heard all bout “Aunt Suzy’s cake”, so I called his mother and got the recipe. It was a bunt cake with some cherry swirls throughout. I have this ritual that one must make their birthday wish on the moment they were born. That way the prayer of intention may be received by the universe. In that moment, contemplating when one took their first breath, all is possible. So, at 3:10a.m I turned on our bedroom lights and presented a replica of his family’s famous cake. With his eyes barely focused, and leaning on one elbow, he said “you made Aunt Suzy’s cake?!?” Clearly touch, he made his wish and indulged in a nice big piece. After all we were leaving for the airport, so he wasn’t skimping. As his stomach started to rumble, he said did you change the recipe a little bit because something tastes just a little different? Well of course I did. I am forever trying to make my creations better and heather. I confessed “yes, I made it out of bran flour”. I didn’t cut the flour with a little bit of bran, I replaced the flour with all bran flour. In minutes, Gary had Montezuma’s revenge before we even left the country. Once I realized my recipe debacle, I thought maybe we should just chuck the cake, we were leaving for nearly 10-days. Gary said we’ll stop at his house and leave it for his brother and roommate…without a warning!

We had an overall wonderful time in Cabo. I discovered, even with the objective of catch & release, marlin fishing is not my cup of tea. Too much blood. Baja is beautiful, and one evening Gary and I had a night on the town hitting all the tourist hot spots; Cabo Wabo Cantina, Carlos & Charlies, to name a few, ending at Squid Row. The party atmosphere was high and the music so loud that all the tables had butcher block paper as table covers, along with crayons for writing. Gary and I started playing tic-tack-toe, then he wrote “will you marry me?”. I wrote “YES”, he responded with “now I have it in writing”. I dramatically tore that section of the paper from the table covering and tucked it in my cleavage for safe keeping. Everyone at the table, who happen to be paying attention, enjoyed being part of the proposal.4673_001 I’ve been married to my life partner, the man who brings me to my highest good, for over 22yrs. I’m still happy, still very much in-Love, and never bored. Gary is not perfect, but he is perfect for me.


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