This I Believe (12/2005 NPR submission)

I believe in Love. Love above all things. I believe that God is Supreme Love, that Jesus is Love, and when he said “no one comes to the Father but through Me” no one comes to the Father but through Love.

I believe Supreme Love has a Divine Supreme, compassionate, forgiving plan: that all his children join him in eternity, and the way we get there is to not exclude anyone.

I believe in Love, the only reason we are here on this planet, and, the greatest sin of all is to not appreciate one another and the gifts of creation.

I believe in Love, that belief guides me most of the time, and for that I am grateful.

I believe that our spirit comes from Love. Our spirits are liken to water, filling these vessels called bodies. And, when we dissolve from the body, entering eternity, we are like water again; joining all creation; becoming the rain, the ocean, dew, tears, nurturing and expressing all living things. In that way we join our Loved ones, in someway we are recycled, in this way we are born again.

*I am, and my essay, inspired & attempt to practice the teachings of the Course In Miracles.


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